Gifted Unleashed
Gifted Unleashed
Nadja Cereghetti

The Unleash Monday Community

A community for gifted and 2e women. Doors are currently closed. Join the waitlist below ⬇️

About Me

My name is Nadja and I now call myself a multipotentialite with a great passion for Science and the Marie Kondo Method. Learning new things and talking to people is what I love. Once I learned about my own giftedness it felt like the very first time my life finally made sense! It was the missing puzzle piece to tie it all together! Finally I had answers why I didn't seem to fit in or why I don't agree with most common ideas. And why I was called "too much" all the time! 

Finally, I see myself in a more positive light and I feel empowered to do life my own way. It is my vision to help other (unidentified) gifted women to find their true identity so that they can live their lives to their full potential. 

Why You Should Join Me

This is a space for like-minded women to explore what it means to be a gifted adult. In this network we can share experiences, lessons learnt, tools we love and ideas & research we came across. We can explore our new found self identities and our visions for ourselves. This is a safe space for us to grow and learn together. This community is here to help gifted women thrive.

A Big Thanks

For your trust and your support! Together we will go further and faster! 

Can't wait to meet you.

PS: I am aware of economic differences. Please reach out to me via email ([email protected]) if you would like to apply for financial assistance.